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Brilliant Interior Painter With Multiple Skills in East Orange, NJ!

With D'Art Construction & Home Remodeling LLC, you can expect to work with me – your perfect commercial property and home painting contractor! But don’t expect just painting from me – expect perfection in every service I offer. I’m a versatile contractor and would love to make every property in and around the East Orange, NJ areas as stunning as the owners imagined, so hurry and save time for an appointment!

My Services 

Drywall and Interior Painting

Drywall and Interior Painting

I’ll ensure the drywall is exceptional because that’s what I’ve trained to do. And then I’ll be your dream interior painter and paint every wall with impeccable colors you’ve chosen to fit your style! 


I can work with different kinds of floors, and here they are – vinyl, laminated, hardwood, and even tiles! I am a professional and have educated myself to be perfect in every flooring solution, so get your excellent floors today!
Electrical and Plumbing

Electrical and Plumbing

My skills are ideal if you want perfection with your plumbing and electrical lines and systems! Your property needs those two aspects to be high quality and meet excellence, and you need to be setting your time with me so you can guarantee it!
Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Remodel your bathroom and kitchen – have me do the remodeling! You show me what you have envisioned, and I’ll ensure the projects meet your needs and standards! You will have the new elegant bathroom and kitchen you want!
Framing and Additions

Framing and Additions

If you want a stable frame for your property or a lovely addition – you need to trust my skills, experience, and all the education I’ve had. I’ll offer dependability and stability – the perfect frame and addition for your property! I’ll also provide insulation!
Deck Services

Deck Services

If you want a new deck installed, the old one repaired or replaced – you need me! I know what I have to do to provide you with the perfect deck to be enjoyed by yourself, friends, and family. A stable, dependable deck!
Door Services

Door Services

My door services include installing a new door and replacing the old one you can’t stand to look at any longer. Get that door replaced or a new one installed. A new door will look gorgeous with everything other perfect features!
Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repairs

Repairing a gutter can make a lot of difference to the exterior appearance of any property! If you have looked at your guttering and noticed how ragged and damaged they are – call me so I can do the perfect repair!
Construction Service

Perfection Has Never Been Easier

Sometimes it can be challenging to achieve the level of perfection you want, and that's true for many things in life, like cooking, doing makeup, getting a nice haircut, cleaning the car, and remodeling the home or commercial property. All those things take hard work - some more than others. Remodeling is probably the toughest because there's much to consider - fixing the deck, getting a new door, managing electrical and plumbing lines, painting, and more. Call a professional house painter who can offer skills, and rest easy!

I’m Ready for Whatever You Need

Do you need someone to install, repair, or replace your deck? Do you want someone skilled to manage your electrical and plumbing lines around the property? Are you simply looking for the best painting service in town? You’ve found all that and more right here with me! I’ve trained in many different areas to be perfect in every way. So, when you want something excellent – don’t hesitate, don’t wait or look around for other contractors – I will do it all with perfect quality!

More Areas I Service

I feel my dedication in all areas of expertise and perfection needs to stretch. I want to serve as many people as possible, and I did what I thought was best and spread out to cover more counties!

  • South Orange Village Township, NJ
  • North Arlington Borough, NJ
  • Nutley Township, NJ
  • Livingston Township, NJ
  • Caldwell Borough, NJ

Call D'Art Construction & Home Remodeling LLC – your local commercial and residential painting contractor! It’s my pleasure to paint every wall inside your property, but that’s not all I can do for you! I have skills in many different areas because I want to be the contractor everyone chooses for various jobs in and around their properties in the East Orange, NJ area and surrounding counties!

Recent Projects

Client Testimonials

Very Professional House Painter!

It was an honor for me to work with such a high-quality, professional house painter! He did such a wonderful job painting every wall in my house - it looks beautiful. I wake up and stare at my walls with such a smile. It was amazing to watch him work, and I will trust him with other things in the future!

Construction Service
Construction Service

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  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Framing
  • Additions
  • Insulation
  • Deck Services
  • Door Services
  • Gutter Repairs